Friday, 17 February 2017

Say what! Donald Trump’s presidency prediction in 2012 saves man $2000

Donald Trump's rise to presidency may not be in the interest of many, however one lucky man got away with a loan of $2000 for predicting his win in a contract.
'Brothers Judd Markowitzz and Ryan Markowitz signed a contract for a $2,000 loan repayment in 2012.

Five years later, the Gmail document was uncovered with a rather surprising prediction of a certain someone as President of the United States.
In the signed document shared to Twitter, the brothers agree that while no interest will be accumulated while Judd paid off the loan, if any of their listed of circumstances were to happen, the payment would be waived.

That particular list included everything from loss of limbs, to the end of the world and Super Bowl predictions but what's more striking is the one of the last bullet points: "Rick Santorum or Donald Trump becomes President in 2016."

That's right. The Markowitz brothers somehow predicted Donald Trump would become president in 2016.

While technically Trump didn't move into the White House until 2017, it's still a pretty impressive prediction and that slight error doesn't matter to much to Judd, the original acceptor of the loan.

"People are pointing out obvious flaws in the contract," he tweeted. "I'm no lawyer, and my brother is a man of honor, and we can on agree on intent."

There is no word yet on whether or not the brothers, or the witness, had any contact with Russian officials when the contract was drafted' - via Mashable 


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