Friday, 17 February 2017

Graphic photo: Wife cuts of husband’s side chick's leg on Valentine's Day

Kasheena Mordica pictured above  has been arrested and arraigned before court for...
the attempted murder and severing of the leg of another lady, Ashley Weatherspoon (below) whom she caught with her husband on Valentine's day. 

The tragic confrontation took place on Val's Day after Mordica found out her husband, Marco Mark was spending the day with Ashley.

According to the police, Kasheena ran over Ashley with her car – and her leg was completely severed in the accident. She should have gone for her man instead...

Ashley Weatherspoon, was rushed to the hospital but she lost her leg. The doctors tried saving the legs but had to give up because the damage was too much.

Meanwhile, the husband who is the cause of the whole incident has been arrested by the police on outstanding charges of burglary and grand theft.

See the graphic photo from the scene below...


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