Friday, 17 February 2017

12 suspected thugs killed in Nairobi in last three days

Four suspected thugs were on Wednesday shot dead in two separate incidents...
in Nairobi as police intensified the war on armed crime.
Police say they recovered three pistols from the men.
The first incident happened in Umoja Three area on Wednesday morning where two suspects were killed after they had allegedly broken into a house and stole household items.
The owner of the house raised alarm alerting locals and police who chased and managed to kill the two. The stolen electronic goods were recovered.

Police said they also recovered a pistol.
The second incident happened along Jogoo Road, Nairobi and two pistols were found on the suspects.

Police say the men have been behind a series of other robberies in the area and their accomplice who was on a motorbike managed to escape.

Nairobi police boss Japheth Koome said the men were attacking and robbing motorists and pedestrians when an alarm was raised.

This increases to 12, the number of suspects killed in Nairobi in the last three days.. Others were killed in Kayole and Shauri Moyo on Tuesday.

Cases of armed robberies have been on the rise in the last months with police deploying more officers on streets to contain the situation.

Police say the situation is under control with strategies in place to address it.

Source: Standard Media 


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