Thursday, 26 January 2017

UAE President Issues Decrees on Promotion, Retirement of Police Officers

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the UAE President, has issued a federal decree promoting two police officers from the rank of Brigadier to Major General, 66 from Colonel to Brigadier, 47 from Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel and 178 from Major to Lieutenant General.
The decree No. 8 for 2017 also stipulates promotion of 139 officers on the day before issuance of the decree, then referring them to retirement, effective from the date of issuance.
Additional 24 officers were referred to retirement, while three were promoted and referred to retirement posthumously. The decree also states posthumous retirement of one officer.
Sheikh Khalifa also issued Amiri decree No. (1) for 2017, promoting 11 officers from the rank of Colonel to Brigadier, 16 from Lieutenant Colonel to Colonel, 19 from Major to Lieutenant Colonel, as well as promoting of three officers and referring them to retirement.

As per the directives of Sheikh Khalifa, the Ministry of Interior issued four ministerial resolutions, promoting 3,798 officer, Non-Comiissioned Officers (NCOs), personnel and civilians and referring 172 officers, NCOs and personnel to retirement.

The ministerial resolutions 768, 769, 770 and 771 for 2016, ordered promotions of 694 officers, 328 NCOs, 2,731 NCOs and personnel and 45 civilians, respectively.

The Headquarters of Abu Dhabi Police, also issued the administrative resolutions 14, 15 and 16 for 2017, promoting 88 officers, 72 NCOs and personnel and 50 civilians, respectively.
He also thanked the retired personnel for their contributions to the police and community services'.

Culled from Khaleej Times


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