Thursday, 26 January 2017

Perks of being the US President

President Donald Trump will be the 45th US president and will serve as the commander-in-chief for the next four years. As we all know, great responsibility comes with great perks.

Here is the list of perk Donald Trump is going to enjoy as the US President


20 Jan, 2017
The list should start with paychecks.
Currently, the United States President receives a yearly salary of $400,000, and a number of expense accounts such as $100,000 for personal travel, $19a,000 on entertainment, and a few others.
While his salary is taxable just like anyone else's, these expense accounts are not.

White House
20 Jan, 2017
It's no Buckingham Palace. However, the mansion runs about $4 million in yearly maintenance, flowers alone costing upwards of $250k.
The 6 storey, 55,000 square foot house includes: 132 rooms and 35 bathrooms, 28 fireplaces, a tennis court, a bowling alley, a family movie theatre, a jogging track, a swimming pool, a putting green, as well as a full size basketball court.
Besides the impressive amenities, the House employees 5 full-time chefs , a social secretary, a chief calligrapher, countless groundskeepers, florists, valets and butlers, totaling a total of 96 White House employees.
No wonder that Ronald Reagan's son used to call it "an 8-star hotel"

Camp David
20 Jan, 2017
Camp David is loacated in Catoctin Mountain outside Thurmont, Md. It's a convenient 70 miles (113 kilometers) from Washington, D.C., which makes for a quick getaway should the president need a break from the bustling city.
It was established in 1935, and each president since Franklin Roosevelt has made use of the amenities - President Bush used Camp David nearly every weekend when he wasn't on the road. "It's like a resort hotel where you're the only guest," Tricia Nixon commented on Camp David.
Air Force One
20 Jan, 2017
The presidential Boeing jet carries up to 100 people. The onboard electronics include about 238 miles of wiring (twice the amounts in regular 747), with shielding tough enough to protect the crucial electronics from the electromagnetic pulse associated with a nuclear blast.
The aircraft comes with 85 onboard telephones, a collection of two-way radios, computer connections, and fax machines.
The plane is outfitted with countless security measures, and the aircraft can jam enemy radar and can inject flares to throw heat-seeking missiles off-course. To top it off - the plane can also be refueled in mid air, allowing the presidential convoy to continue without the need to land.
9 Nov, 2016
The Presidential Advance Team -- known as the most complex, expensive and thorough advance unit in the world -- includes logistics and security for the president's motorcade, as well as employing Secret Service against the 500 death threats the president receives each month, on average.
The Secret Service protection continues after the President leaves office, as well. The President, spouse and any children under the age of 16 are privy to lifetime security.
20 Jan, 2017
What happens to a president after his or her term expires or a new president is voted into office? The Pension is the Executive Level One Pay, which is currently set at $199k, in perpetuity. They also enjoy a great medical perk: receiving medical treatment at military hospitals'. 

Culled from ET IndiaTimes


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