Monday, 16 January 2017

Laughing at the wrong time

Everyone that knows me will probably tell you I'm a laughing chipmunk lol and can laugh for the world. I am easily amused and ohh when I laugh it's so contagious that the meanest person can't resist but join no matter what.
So on this fateful day at an annual training meeting, one of the facilitators who wasn't a native English speaker with a strong Arabic accent pronounced a word that meant something different in my native language.

I couldn't help but laughed out so loud that all the attendees laughed alongside.

It was really awkward because it wasn't suppose to be that funny, lol

Right after the section I approached during the lunch break to apologies for what happened and surprisingly he was ok and began laughing as well. He later mentioned that he had used that particular phrase in a different training meeting and thus expecting some kind of reaction from the audience when he uses the same word. And lo and behold I was the scape goat for that.

I promised myself not to laugh hysterically again, however it wasn't after two minutes that one of our colleagues cracked a not so funny joke that I had to come to his rescue by laughing, hehee


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