Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Jealous' maids sentenced to death for killing driver in UAE

Omg!!!, Sharjah court in the UAE, 'has sentenced two maids to death for murdering a driver. The convicts, C.Q. and N.A., said they wanted to get rid of the victim, who had blackmailed and threatened them.
In addition, both maids came to know that the driver was sleeping with both of them, without the other's knowledge.
The murder of the Indian driver was reported on October 14, 2014.
The Sharia court presided by judge Hussain Al Ousofi ruled that the evidence leaves no doubt about the criminal intent behind the murder. The maids' confessions matched even the minutest details of the crime. The convicts strangled the victim to death with a phone cord and left him on his bed to make it look like he was sleeping.

The victim's brother, who has been attending and following all court hearing, expressed satisfaction at the ruling.
The maids, an Indonesian and a Filipina were found guilty of adultery and premeditated murder of the 43-year-old driver at the house of their Emirati sponsor.

On the day of the murder, the police received information that an Indian man was found lying on his back in his room located in Al Qarain area. Since initial investigations showed no criminal motive, the body of the victim was shifted to Al Qasimi hospital in Sharjah.

According to reports, the man stopped breathing for some unknown reason. The body was then referred to the Sharjah laboratory, where it was found that he was strangled.
The police then visited the site and began investigations which soon led to the maids. When confronted, the Filipino maid confessed that she had helped the Indonesian maid kill the driver, M.M.R. However, the Indonesian maid denied the accusation. But on the second day, she confessed to the crime.

How the murder was planned
The maids, who had been working with the family for three years, said their room was next to the victim's. Later, the Indonesian maid claimed she had been in a relationship with an Afghani driver for two years.

One day, M.M.R. saw her in the Afghani man's company and started abusing her, threatening to inform their sponsor about her relationship. He also started taking advantage of her, began touching her after watching porn movies in his room and coercing her into having sex with him.
The two maids then hatched plans to murder the driver. They decided that the Indonesian maid would have sex with M.M.R. first and then drug him, so that they could carry out the murder fast. On the day of the crime, a Friday, taking advantage of the fact that the family was out, the Indonesian maid went to the driver's room, watched a movie, had sex with him and then drugged him.

She called the Filipino maid after M.M.R. had fallen asleep. The women then brought out a cord they had hidden under his bed earlier and strangled him. Once they made sure that the man was dead, they cleaned up the room and left.
They pretended as if everything was normal and the next day, took breakfast to his room as usual. Once there, one of the maids shouted that the man was not waking up and informed the sponsor. The sponsor went to his room and on seeing the body, called the police.

On interrogation, the two women said they chose the cord since it would not leave any traces', reports Khaleej Times.


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