Saturday, 31 December 2016

The Morning before 2017

The smell of freshly baked protein bread woke me up this morning. I will be having breakfast shortly, then later get some more sleep which is much needed after the dancing and jumping around last night, all in the name of Karaoke.

The countdown to the New Year is still on however, I have observed that most people are not as enthused about the "New Year, 2017" as they were a year before.

What did 2016 do to you all????😩

Well, you can't be blamed, since this passing year has been tough and quite challenging from various perspectives. Be it economic crisis, social outbursts, pressing family matters, stress, health issues, unexpected deaths, unsuccessful goals, political surprises, among others.

This outgoing year may have humbled and discouraged quite a number of people in the pursuit of our goals and dreams for the year ahead, due to the "storms and rocks it threw at us.

I believe some may have given up already on the pursuit of better things for the coming year, which happens to be just a day away. Be reminded that most of the situations were beyond your control and have you had your way, things would have been much better.

2017 will be better!!! Stay strong as you've always been and believe that you are going to be a "Victor" before 2017 ends.

Happy New year in advance to you all☺

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