Friday, 30 December 2016

Thank God It's Friday "TGIF"

Did someone say "Thank God it's Friday! yay. Ohh wait! you didn't know today is Friday?

Common, it's the weekend to usher in the New Year. The work schedules on Fridays are  usually not as busy and demanding as compared to Mondays and Wednesdays.

Since its the weekend to a new year, with the first day of the month being a holiday, I believe we've all gotten some fun packed agendas and plans rolling in and out already.

Who will be doing the "chacha dance tonight? Salsa? Ohh tango, yea right. But I guess a substantial number of us will be hanging out with friends as well as spending some much needed time with the family this weekend.

Well...I plan to  kick my evening off by sharpening my singing skills with some karaoke. Haa, you may not know, your office maybe my next tour location. Sony music may sign me unto their record label after my 254th try lol

I also plan to be at the magnificent fireworks tomorrow.....let the New Year's countdown begin!!  

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