Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Around the Coffee Table

It has become a tradition for most of us to grab our favorite cup of coffee, the Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, among others every weekday before work starts. Whilst we sip on the freshly brewed coffee, we turn to exchange few ideas, discuss trending topics both locally and across the globe.

Our coffee table meeting discussion today was much delightful. We started a discussions on how the Christmas break was much needed and how we cant wait for January 1, 2017 which is another holiday. We also talked about economic situations, as well as technological advancements: with a focus on robotics, which is taking over the workforce today.

The invasion of robots at work places especially in large manufacturing companies has aided in high production rates, limited errors and inefficiencies among many benefits. Inspite of these great benefits, we came to a conclusion that, the rate of employees loosing their jobs in this industry to their "electronic counterparts" is on the rise and quiet alarming.

Feel free to share the various topics that came up around your coffee tables, and lets join in the discourse.

What brand of coffee are you having today? and what issues will be trending around your coffee tables?

Let us know...


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