Saturday, 31 December 2016

...and the Zipper Broke!

Claded in a Dorothy Perkins "black scuba zip pencil skirt with a grey spot button shirt alongside my 4 inch nude shoes I left for the office at my usual time 6:55am.

On this specific day my hopes were high on closing some deals and clearing my tight schedules, while attending meetings in between.

I should have been warned. I should have been given a prior alert that the day will not be so good. Better still I should have read my horoscope for the day, although I'm not a big fan of horoscopes.

Well, upon my arrival I decided to check up on my other colleagues who were already in. I met a few of them in the hallway. It was when I stood up to leave my director's office after a brief chit chat on the pending meetings for the day that I realised something was wrong.

My skirt which was tightly closed had opened from the back. I did a quick hand check and realised my zipper had broken. What!! Not in my directors office!!! Not today of all days!!

I sat down immediately and started to laugh in my embarrassed state. I then explained what had happened and diligently asked him to excuse me. Well...he did since he understood the situation

OMG! ! what next? I quickly run out of the office straight to my colleagues office. Unfortunately there was no "bobby pin or needle and thread to save my life.
All this while my two hands were behind me trying to cover the "open outlet" the broken zipper had caused.

It was a fun 10 -12 minutes moment for my colleagues who couldn't help but laugh out loud at  my expense, well I joined them to laugh anyways lol.

I was finally saved by the HR manager who showed up and came to my rescue.
My zipper was later fixed and the days activities continued.

Hmm...your guess is as good as mine, my "broken zipper" was the topic for discussion during lunch break๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…


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